Adaptation of the house design is necessary to obtain a building permit.
It consists in adapting a typical project to local conditions, as well as introducing changes proposed by the investor. A plot development plan is also prepared in accordance with the requirements of the local plan or decision on development conditions, sealed and supplemented with the necessary documents from the network operators. Why is it worth to entrust us with the adaptation:

  • When purchasing a project through us, we offer attractive discounts for adaptation,

  • We have many years of experience in obtaining building permits in Nowa Sól along with the surrounding counties: Otyń, Kożuchów, Nowe Miasteczko, Bytom Odrzański, Siedlisko and Zielona Góra,

  • We guarantee a short time of adaptation: 3-4 weeks from the moment of completing the necessary documents,

  • We check the finished project in terms of the requirements of the zoning decision or local plan,

  • We adjust the foundation design to the geological conditions on the plot,

  • We assume the function of the main designer of the facility,

  • We provide advice and assistance in settling formal matters and obtaining the necessary arrangements,

  • We will prepare documents in order to obtain a decision on the location of the congress, conservation agreement.